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Project Yourself Review


Project Yourself Review & Bonuses


Success is not concerning good luck, success is not regarding your family members histories, success is not concerning your education and learning however success is the capacity of being at the appropriate factor in life at the appropriate time. Amish Shah has actually established the program that reveals you precisely just what you require to do in order to get to for your wishes in life; Project Yourself.

Just what is Project Yourself?

The program is likewise based on the working of terrific individuals like Nikola Tesla, Dalai Lama as well as Leonardo Da Vinci. The developer of this program is the biggest computer system cyberpunk as well as he has actually made use of the techniques educated in this program to end up being the biggest in hacking.

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What’s included in the Project Yourself System?

This program has 9 training sections. This program will certainly additionally show students on just how to connect with individuals as well as get required knowledge in order to accomplish their goals. That, this program will certainly educate them on just how to protect against restricting elements for success in their lives.

There are once a week Frequently asked questions that respond to the most often asked concerns; this will certainly make sure that you obtain required aid throughout understanding.

That requires Project Yourself by Amish Shah?

This program is for any individual that needs a far better and also a higher life because it shows on means to enhance life. That, this program could be quite excellent for those that think that life has no significance for them because it could recover shed hope.

Disadvantages as well as pros

This program functions by stimulating your 5 detects as well as a result assists you to obtain far better everyday

It work as a drive pressure in the direction of success

It help with change of desires to truth
It recovers expect much better and also fantastic life
Everybody is worthy of a much better life as well as lots of people want to be fantastic. This program instructs individuals on the best ways to attain their needs efficiently; the best ways to live much better as well as the best ways to change and also end up being excellent. This merits program for everyone-get your own today.

Amish Shah has actually created the program that reveals you specifically just what you require to do in order to get to for your needs in life; Project Yourself.

The program is likewise based on the working of wonderful individuals like Nikola Tesla, Dalai Lama and also Leonardo Da Vinci. All the approach utilized in this program is based on 12.000 years old sign understood as Sri Yantra. The developer of this program is the biggest computer system cyberpunk as well as he has actually utilized the techniques educated in this program to come to be the best in hacking. That, this program will certainly instruct them on just how to stop restricting elements for success in their lives.

project yourself review




Designed by Anik Singal the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a whole online business model. It is an internet-based marketing program for online marketers who need that extra boost to succeed….

inbox blueprint 2 review

….so they can take off into space that many find foreign and unknown….

It offers progressive procedural lessons on how one can use email subscriptions to build a successful online marketing business.

Anik Singal has sold over 100 million in books, and he’s taking the Email marketing world by storm.
In a nut shell, Circle of Profit is the fool-proof system he’s used for around 14 years now. This very system has saved him from bankruptcy and enabled him to achieve financial independence before age 30.
He wholeheartedly believes in this system. So do 20,000+ of his successful students.
Let me just sum it up this way:
WITHOUT using the Circle of Profit, people are forced to spend a ton of time, capital, technical knowledge and resources to HOPEFULLY squeak out a business.
His 5-Step model brings it down to a level that ANYBODY can do it.
  1. No technical knowledge
  2. Little to no investment
  3. And very little time and effort required
In this video, not only will he go over the power and results you can expect by using his trusted system…
Anik will tell you how you can get his new hard-cover book… for Free!
(I’ll give you 2 guesses what it’s called – The Circle of Profit, of course!)
That’s right — he’s paying for it just so you can have this knowledge.

As discussed earlier Inbox Blueprint was first launched in January, 2014. They introduced many students to online marketing and sold over 10,000 copies. Aniks team is re-opening an improved version of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 in 2016.

The new version has added exciting features such as: a member’s forum area, funnels for you, and so much more. Some of the things you can do with Inbox Blueprint 2.0 include: set up your clients squeeze page, your thank you page, your auto-responder, and lead magnet.

There are step to be followed when getting started;

Step 1: Launchpad
Step 2: Join the members Forum
Step 3: Inbox Coaching Calls
Step 4: Sendlane Autoresponder Service
Step 5: ClickPerfect

Inside the Modules
There are progressive steps in each module to guide one to build his/her own profitable online business. The introduction section contains four aspects:

    • Understanding the business
    • Going over the Inbox Blueprint Mode
    • Getting returns with the inbox mode
    • Meeting coaches

Check out the Bonuses too, that I have above the page. Here is a little overview

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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, tutorial and Bonuses ($200,000 in Value and Cool monetary gifts) Covered Below

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Because if you get Inbox Blueprint before tomorrow, I will be giving you this iPad 4 mini (Value $599), Plus $200K in Bonuses to get out of the Inbox Rut with a system to keep readers reading every email (that Anik mentions….of a numbed email subscriber) revealed below.

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Product: Inbox Blueprint 2.0 (2016)

The Founder: Anik Singal                                                                                             Price: $1200 and why that’s going to Return on investment soon…(see below)   Website: www.InboxBlueprint.com                                                                         IM Relevancy Score: 100% Relevant! Ask almost any 7-figure Internet Marketer and they will tell you that their emails they send to their list is at the heart of their business.                                                                                       Verdict: Yes, 100% of what I expected and maybe one of the “guru’s” best so far….But not as good without these complimenting bonuses… I will show you WHY you will have an even BIGGER Return on investment with my bonuses below.

You also might be interested in: $200K valued bonuses that will save you from the Inbox Rut! (NB: Today with iPad included)

Inbox Blueprint

Thanks for checkin’ in with my Inbox Blueprint Review.  Now lets cut to the chase….

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is a program designed to show you how to setup an online business in little time and get maximum benefits for yourself.

The business is based on creating 6-7 figure email markers and is the meaning behind, “Inbox”.

There are 2 live webinars today

Which time works best for you?

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Anik is covering list building and email marketing techniques.

Now is the time to build a massive email list.

So that you can promote offers that resonate with you and your list while you make great money.

When launch your own product, you want to have a huge list.

So now is the time to start building!

Remember my big cash bonuses?

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Seriously, if that doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will.

But you need to start building you list ASAP.

Anik has built over a million person email list.

He’s one of the industry leaders when it comes to list building.

And he is hosting 2 live webinars today teaching how.

I strongly suggest that you jump on these webinars.

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anik singal inbox blueprint 2.0

But it’s more, it’s an outrageously popular system by the founder Anik Singal, who was recently on the cover of Business Week.  When it first came out in 2014, more then 10,000 copies were sold! And many happy email maketers were born! People, just like you and maybe even more clueless about email marketing, now had a fighting chance to dominate the easiest big and yet sustainable money making method on this planet!

But now it’s better and here is why…  They shut down the sales page in late 2014, because they needed to perfect the funnel software to create better optimization. Forward 2016, and they have done just that! This is because the launch in 2014 was just a tease of what here today.

And why is email marketing KING?

Because with just one email, it’s like going to the ATM, except you don’t know if the number will be 0, zero, zilch….. or $3,435.11 with ONE single email.

Let’s be honest, do you want to make MONEY and have your own ATM at your disposal like those who joined in 2014?

inbox blueprint

The program will show you how to create a business by building an email list of subscribers through several different methods. According to the authors of Inbox Blueprint, for every subscriber you have on your email list there is the potential for you to make a dollar.

There’s a Secret Email Formula Which Gets You
More Opens, More Clicks and More Sales….And  that Secret sauce is inside the Inbox Blueprint….

Inbox Blueprint is for you if you want to learn how to take your passion and make a great living with it online. It’s a great way to make extra passive money “on the side” or eventually even make this your full time career — and a very lucrative one at that.
Here’s a GREAT explanation of one of the best ways of doing that…Anik explains it with a great “step-by-step diagram” and it is so easy to understand.
I told you about his free book a few days ago and this video explains it in black and white (put very simply) of what it’s all about. You can still get his book “Circle of Profit – Edition #2” on the video page (the link is below the video), if you didn’t get it yet.
If you’ve been in this community for a while, you know how it is a HUGE advantage to be doing this online business model. Why?
1. You can reach the masses very easily
2. It’s easy to set up…not much overhead needed at all.
3. If done correctly, it is VERY lucrative.
4. Anyone can do it — I am the least technical person on the planet, and other Internet Marketeters are too, but still managed to build a multiple 7 figure online businesses and get people who were in lots of debt, out of debt.
Now,  you’ll have to put a bit of hard work to learn it initially and put it together…but once you do, it’s smooth sailing from there (really smooth sailing).
What you’ll love the most about it is the “freedom” you get from this type of business. You can run it from your own home or from anywhere you want around the world (you just need an internet connection of course — oh, and a computer!). You are not bound by any “schedule” and you can be your own boss.
If this sounds intriguing, look at this…learn what it’s all about and see if it resonates with you.
If you want to reach millions of hearts around the world and help them in a BIG way (while finding your passion) — AND make a lucrative living doing it…then check this out.
Anik Singal actually teaches you how to build a solid business online.

Under this philosophy if you have 3,000 emails, you have the potential of earning $3,000.

But you need some numbers like that….

Yes, don’t believe the naysayers… size matters…..

So how?  That’s where Inbox Blueprint comes in….

But that’s not all.  There are a couple other factors.  And it’s about how to:

  1. Build rapport.
  2. Get click through rates (opened emails and links).
  3. Get customers to watch or pay attention to your material
  4. Grab their attention until they BUY and make YOU money (or to take the ACTION of your choice that will because of your VALUE given increase #1, your rapport.)

Sounds hard?

But what if the email marketing was done for you so you could see money streaming in with ZERO work?inbox bluprint

Sounds to good to be true?

Hold on….

Your Bonus number #14 will take care of Your first email!

I have a complimentary one-time DONE for you service to write the emails for you so you can SEE that it works.

*** I will write your list a 150 Word Email that will certainly  drive clients to your  site and get them wanting your product. You can use the angle and the tone in future emails that you create. ***

I want to help you excite their all-natural interest, and motivate them to click to your web site or landing web page and….because of my compelling targeted copywriting, enter through the Call to action button.

So more star-studded cash for you!

The only question is how much….

If you desire your sales to increase and your inbox, being a tool to get it traffic and conversions…..then don’t miss out on Inbox Blueprint and my bonuses (worth well over $200,000)!!!

One of my hobbies is to collect the BEST marketing copy…So that I could get better conversions myself.  

I didn’t care about hype. I cared about, what grabbed my attention.

So I collected the Best EMAILS of 2016 and made it  your BONUS #2!! 

I have created my own course of email swipes. Here’s a sneak Peak of my own mini course I am giving away for FREE…

In this Megabundle Book and Video Training course I uncover:

  1. A desection of the BEST emails from the “guru” list ($997)
  2. Best Swipes of 2015-16 (that you can change up and use for free) ($297)
  3. Predone Swipes (that you can use without worrying about copywrite)($900)
  4. A video course showing you how to easily increase open rates through email title customization….(And case study of what Chris Record did to increase open rates by 54%) ($497)

My method shows you…. From what Michael Cheney taught me in Blackops email marketing course;

-WHY should your customer care (getting behind the prospects mindset)…

-How to “Edutain” through thematic material…. This is a mixture of entertain and educating prospects into buyers “itching for the buy button”.

-How my Coach, Alex Jeffreys attracts clients through short punchy messages that invoked curiosity and high Click through Rate….and created newbies that were able to replicate his “BUYERS LIST” method.  And more…

And why should I add this when  you already get a software + course?

Because I want to help YOU make more money in each email. So that  you have a:

  1. Bigger email list
  2. Higher CTR (Frankly Inbox Blueprint isn’t a copywriting course)
  3. Discover how to create a “buyers” list.  An engaged list instead of a “takers” list
  4. How to build trust as a Newbie.  Anik is not a NEWBIE.  My course is even more newbie friendly.

The program is geared towards those who are looking for a way to make money online. The Founder claims once you finish with his course, you will be on your way to making your first thousand overnight online.

Who is behind Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint was developed by Anik Singal who is named one of top three entrepreneurs by “Business week”. He holds a degree in finance from the University of Maryland where he graduated from in 2005 and then joined the university’s Venture Accelerator. inbox blueprintHis story of how he began his multi-million-dollar company from his dorm room is told in a book he wrote; “Driving with Shambo: The Story of a Fallen Entrepreneur Who Found Inspiration in the Most Unlikely Place.”  Since then he has become one of the foremost Internet marketers today.

Get Anik’s FREE Video on how email is KING to your Business

WHO should buy Inbox Blueprint?                                           Anyone who:

  1. Can write in simple english, past the 5th grade…
  2. Wants to make money online longterm – with one of the most valuable assets you can have as a business owner….This is because your list can become very valuable over time. (If you do well, you can travel anywhere in the world without being bound by a job).

This is because Email marketing works in 2016 and is still KING to Sales in this busy world.

inbox blueprint

Inbox Blueprint will teach you how to make money but you are required to spend some of your own initially.

You will need to be able to afford a few hundred, and in some cases, a few thousand dollars so having experience in online money making methods would be beneficial for you having to make this amount of an investment usually.

But with my Bonuses, you will avoid having to “Buy” into most of the products and software you’d need. I’ll show you how here.


The program is geared towards those who have experience in online marketing.
That is not to say beginners can’t make use of this program as well.

If you are a total beginner, it is suggested you take an Online Business Course first to expand your knowledge on how email marketing works.  I have the covered in my Bonuses covered here.

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The Pros to Inbox Blueprint program are:

  1. You are supplied with a lot of video training and weekly webinars that give you actionable steps to make money tomorrow.
  2. There is good material in the training videos and it provides helpful information for newbies in email marketing and automation software so you don’t have to spend as much time at your computer frustrated
  3. You receive a 60 day guarantee or your full payment is refunded. (Important to make sure you 100% satisfied)

The Cons to the Inbox Blueprint program are:

  1.  Training does not include enough information about email marketing COPYWRITING. (but I’ve got you covered here)
  2. You need to be familiar with internet marketing or the program could be confusing. (Again, got you covered)
  3.  Training suggests you use article directories that are no longer effective. (Yes, I will tell you what product -yours or affiliate- works and what doesn’t in my MAX Impact Email Course).

What you get with Inbox Blueprint

Once you purchase Inbox Blueprint and log in, you will see eight steps organized into modules with articles, videos and documents.

Module One: Addiction Meter The program will help you find a place you’re comfortable with to use in making money with email marketing.

It will go over three questions you need to ask yourself before you pick up the place, topic, angle…. to make sure it is the one to help you become successful and create conversions without tons of testing and failing.

This is so you do not pick incorrectly and choose one that will be profitable for you. It will then go on to hone your skills in choosing the one that is right for you.

This step introduces students to niche recommendations that are fool proof. It helps you to choose an ideal niche for email marketing. It gives you sites where you can find niches. Such sites include: clickbank.com, YouTube, Google and even amazon.  You don’t need to invent the wheel here.

Module Two: The Bait By this time you will have chosen the place to focus on in your efforts to make money so you will be ready to design effective opt-in pages. This is where you learn how to maximize the number of people you get on your list. You will be given templates to use in designing your opt-in page and be shown exactly where to outsource your whole operation for cheap.

Just like the name suggests; this is the material/content that you will use to capture your clients attention. This information can be obtained from: data collection from subscribers and various design techniques. Some of what is covered includes:

Designing an opt-in page
Wording in your opt-in pages
What’s an opt-in page?
Difference between single and double opt-ins
Data that should be collected

Module Three: TYP Method Anik’s secret strategy for a thank-you page is explained here. Your thank you page offers you a chance to earn more revenue by showing your followers an offer on this page.

It will not be just any offer; Anik has a specific type of offer he will share with you on this module. Your thank you page will start earning you money from the first day when you follow Anik’s advice for how to design it.

For example this step is about ‘Thank you pages’to be displayed when potential buyers subscribe to their emails. It is about the best technique and how you can apply for the Clickbank thank you page.

Module Four: Email Automation This module will show you how to handle your email and subscribers. When you complete this module you’ll see it is quite easy to setup an autoresponder service.

The module also reveals the importance of tracking your clicks and how to monitor effectiveness of various emails sent out to your customers. It will help you setup your first email campaign and get your opt-in page live.

This topic addresses the automatic responder service by promptly responding to the subscribers who are on the email list. Here the student learns;

Getting response
Tracking clicks
Introduction to auto responders

Module Five: Email List Relationship You will learn a secret email strategy in this module where Anik reveals four types of emails that will be best to send your list. He will also give you three rules to follow in sending emails. These rules can ‘make or break’ your success in the whole email marketing strategy. At the end of the module you will be able to write your first seven emails using the templates and step-by-step methods.

This step focuses on a rapport between the internet marketer and the subscriber. This relationship should promote a service that is valuable to subscribers and should be based on trust.

How to plan your strategy and three rules that you should follow
How to write awesome sales oriented emails
How to build a relationship with subscribers
How to offer valuable content to subscribers
Writing of emails when announcing launches of big products

Module Six: Payday Secrets In this module Anik will share important information on how to maximize your earnings. He will show you how to use his advice to gather competitive intelligence from your top performers. He also gives you three very important tips to consider before you think of promoting offers to your email list.

This step shows different ways creating a genuine a product in a niche of your choosing, but the secret sauce being how to use other affiliate products to promote income, and how to increase earnings.

Module Seven:  Easy Traffic Here is where you learn how to get traffic to your offer. The program will reveal the best ways to get targeted traffic to your opt-in page. There are eight different methods introduced here and all are quite simple and totally free.

Although this step focuses on how to generate organic traffic using time forums, guest blogging, paid advertising, social-media sites and free advertising, your goal will be how to get a list in your marketers’ opt-in page.

Module Eight: Unlimited Success You are now ready to make your efforts payout. This module will highlight some of the most important methods for improving your email delivery and get people to open your email. This module also includes the “Troubleshooting” section to help you find solutions to any problems or questions that may come up.

This game is about sustaining an online business. It entails ensuring high efficiency to make sure your business reaps the highest returns while meeting the subscribers’ needs.

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Go ahead and check out the Inbox Blueprint Free Video provided above.

You may recognize by now that elaborate layouts aren’t actually what you helps in good email marketing. Infact banners and fancy images, could be distracting to your readers. Its best to keep the concentrate on your content and acquiring visitors to take action.

Bonus for acting now

You should see by now how much value is in this course. It is being offered for less than half of what it costs at Anik’s Profit Academy and some reviews say it is even better. Besides the great value you also get access to some outstanding bonuses that will easily triple the value of this program:

  • Bonus One: The first bonus is the Lurn Masters Club where you get access to live training from Anik himself. You also get access to Anik’s full and active 24/7 community. There is help from experts, you’ll hear great success stories and you will get coaching access to have your questions answered.
  • Bonus Two: Anik teaches you how to get more traffic to build a list as big as you want.
  • Bonus Three: This is a Fast Start Program where you can watch step-by-step as others get their first 1,000 subscribers. It’s a six-week program where the goal is to help you get your first 1,000 subscribers.
  • Bonus Four: This is a List Academy where you learn how to communicate with your subscribers and watch as your profits grow.
  • Bonus Five: This is an amazing way to get traffic from solo ads. You will be given up to $500 of Free Traffic from clickonomy.com   …..Don’t waste another day

Total Value of Anik’s Bonuses $10,000….

Want to learn about $200,000 Bonus “Internet Marketers” Megabundle I created JUST for you…..

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With just ONE email (as illustrated earlier), you could TRIPLE the price of the Inbox Blueprint investment. Then You’ll be thankful that you listened to my message here later.

inbox blueprint 2.0By now you’ve discovered what an incredible return on your investment Inbox Blueprint can provide for you because of the powerful marketing tools and software included. 

Sign up now and get started on your online email marketing business and watch your income start to grow.

Grab the Super Bonuses if you Join Today!

Grab the Super Bonuses if you Join Today!

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